For those who never compromise. 

its an opportunity to create something from nothing, a bike that fits you perfectly, looks amazing and rides like a dream. The possibilities are endless and so the whole process can seem overwhelming and intimidating but it really doesn’t need to be - that’s where we come in. We take great pleasure in actively guiding our customers through the entire process from choosing the correct frame right to correct saddle that suit you. Its bike that is an extension of you.

Designing your own bike can be tough and frustrating, but we're here to help! We're not just throwing some parts together; we are here to give you the ability to design your own bike using all the latest technology as we guide you thru your journey towards you dream bike.

Our process :

  • Our process start by getting to know you , your riding style be it  aggressive or comfort. from there we run thru our recommendation . Your body measurement for a correct fit bike. All information and selection will be input to our apps to provide a visual design of your dream bike. However the main element will be from our store associate which will guide you along the selection journey to obtain your dream bike.
  • We start by recommend the correct frame , size, material and color of your choice 
  • From your body measurement and riding style , we recommend the correct handlebar size and design that suit you.
  • Carbon , chromoly alloy or titanium rails saddle , latest 3d printed or performance saddle, our store associate will be able to advise and provide you insight on the selection process.
crank arm dual.png
  • Mechanical or latest electronic group set will be option to you to select from class leading brand such as SRAM or SHIMANNO. Also choice of steel or ceramic bearing can be option.
  • 40/50/60 profile  or mix depth wheelset, which brand is suitable for you, let us guide you based on our real world testing and select the optimal wheelset for you.
pedal cleat.png
  • Cleat or no cleat , the preference will be on you. choose from Shimano , look or wahoo type of cleat.
  • once we have all the selection process completed, you be provided a visual render of your bike selected. 
  • Completion interval from selection to complete build : 1 ~ 2 week.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your bespoke bike.